Billy supports your independence and gives your family peace of mind.

  • "The sensors are so small that I don't even notice them anymore."

    Alice Customer, Victoria, Australia
  • "Billy has absolutely changed my perspective on how long I think Mum can stay at home."

    Ken Customer, Victoria, Australia
  • "Billy’s never felt intrusive or an invasion of privacy."

    Lesley Customer, Victoria, Australia

Our partners.

Let Billy work for you.


Older adults.

Billy provides you with the independence you want, and gives you confidence and support in your own home.



Billy is designed to reassure families that their loved one is safe and well as they continue to live independently.



Billy puts cutting-edge tools in the hands of caregivers, transforming the way we care for seniors.

Hello, Billy.

Billy’s in-home monitoring kit uses a series of non-invasive sensors placed discreetly in the house to gather data, so Billy knows when the occupant is eating, sleeping, taking medication, having a shower or just going about their daily routine.

Independent living, with confidence and peace of mind.

Insight without intrusion.

Billy is designed to recognize and share changes in behavioral patterns before they might lead to an emergency situation.

A new age of care.

With Billy, we’re letting older adults live they way they want to, we’re helping providers provide better care, and we’re giving families peace of mind. Our transformative technology platform is enabling aging adults to live independently for longer, and helping to drive efficiencies and cost reductions throughout the care-giving industry.

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